Cleaning for All Applications

  • High Dusting

    In order to properly dust those nearly impossibly high locations, Circle Technologies uses scissor lifts and fall restraints.

  • HEPA filtered vacuums

    Remove dirt from ducting, shelving, refrigeration units, hanging signage and more.

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We offer a variety of specialty cleaning services, foremost of which is contact cleaning and high dusting. This involves the use of hydraulic scissor lifts and fall restraints to access areas high above normal reach, which collect dust and debris over time. HEPA filtered vacuums are used to remove dirt from ducting systems, shelving, refrigeration units, hanging signage and more. Then surfaces are wet-wiped to ensure cleanliness. This service adds to the aesthetic appeal of building interiors, decreases the amount of particulates circulating through the air, and increases the life and efficiency of HVAC mechanical systems.

Other specialty cleaning services include deep commercial kitchen cleaning after food contamination or pest infestation, pressure washing and much more.